Age 2 yrs – 3ys 8 months approx.

Our Preschool environment is set up to help children transition smoothly from their familiar home environment. Children are given lots of one-on-one time, cuddles or reassurance and are supported and encouraged to actively explore their new learning environment. The class is specifically divided into interest areas that facilitate small group social interactions, feelings of security and belonging and allow our children to grow in confidence as they explore. Play activities provide a wide range of sensory and perceptual experiences fostering their development of the Foundational Skills necessary for their ongoing learning.


Lead Teacher
I believe that teaching is a calling and I feel enormously privileged to have been called to be a teacher. I’ve always been committed to early childhood education in particular. I think I have the best job in the world because is such an honour to work so closely with children and their families. Children teach us so much about the important things in life and I’m always learning from them. The core values in my teaching are respect and building community and everything I do revolves around these values. I am passionate about providing a safe, loving and beautiful learning environment that shows the respect I have for each and every precious child.

I was born in South Africa and grew up there. I migrated to New Zealand in 2001 with my parents and my sister. I studied teaching here and have been working out in the community with children and families ever since. I enjoy exploring new places and being creative through many different crafts and projects. I also really love animals, especially miniature Dachshunds like my family dog Dante who bosses us around with his larger than life personality. I am in no doubt that God has led me to Footsteps because of the doors that have been opened at just the right time so I am excited to be on this journey with the amazing team at Footsteps.


Prov. Registered Teacher
I believe teaching is more than just a vocation but a calling from God. Every child is unique and a blessing from God and by being a teacher, I believe, I have a wonderful opportunity to invest in the lives of each and every child I have the privilege of working with. My desire, is for each child to reach their full potential through a safe, fun and loving environment. My love for children originated after school when I did a gap year program in England where I worked at an educational center. Once this program was completed, I returned to Johannesburg, South Africa where I enrolled for a Bachelor Degree in Education, specialising in primary schooling. A few years later, I completed a certificate in Early Childhood Education. I worked both in the primary and early childhood sector and soon realised my passion was to work with younger children. When I am not teaching, I am actively involved in the life of our church where my husband is a full-time pastor. I am fortunate enough to have been blessed with beautiful twin girls, Ella and Chloe, who keep me on my toes. Besides enjoying quality time with my family and friends, I enjoy baking, the outdoors and exploring new places. I am really excited about my journey at Footsteps and look forward to building meaningful relationships, not only with the children but also all the families and wonderful people I will be working with.


Teacher Aid
Mabuhay! My name is Lorena Segundo Lewis I am a Filipino, married to a wonderful and supportive husband. I have four step-children and a handsome grandson (Oliver), and for the past 8 years have made NZ my home and embraced its cultures and everything it has to offer. I have a Bachelor of Elementary Education from the Philippines, where I taught for 5 years. I am passionate about providing quality care for children and find working with children of all ages to be rewarding and enjoyable. I believe that children are a precious gift from God and have their own unique and special qualities to learn and grow from. I value close relationships with families/whanau and each cultural identity these families represent. I look forward to working together to ensure our children are happy and safe.



In addition to our regular team, we also have regular relieving teachers and volunteers that form part of our Footsteps whanau. While not in the centre on a daily basis, they are still an important part of our team and bring a variety of skills, passions, cultures and interests that enrich our centre life and the childrens' learning.

As a Centre we are committed to assisting and supporting students (teachers in training) to gain experience as they work towards their qualifications. Students are a valued part of the teaching team, providing ideas, support for the teachers and interacting and engaging with the children. In addition to the students undertaking their required hours at our centre we also will host students for their practicum teaching assignments throughout the year. One of our trained teachers, along with their training institution tutor, will oversee their training.