The Beehive

(age 3 yrs 8 mths - 5 yrs)

Our environment caters for children as they grow in confidence and extends the development of the Foundational Skills towards more structured early literacy and numeracy exposure. Children are encouraged to become more self-directed as they make choices regarding their play and are supported towards independence and taking responsibility for themselves and their belongings. Inquiry based learning is strongly apparent as the children are supported to deepen their exploration of their interests and evaluate their theories about the world. The physical environment is more open and encourages the children to prepare and plan for their play choices.

Beehive Teachers


Rebekah Wheeler

Since I was a little girl I have been passionate about working with young children.

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Lisita Tongia

I am very blessed to be able to work alongside our children.

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Jeannie Smith

I have a Montessori Diploma and a Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood.

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Camille de Jesus

Mabuhay! I have a passion for working with children, having been a teacher for over 12 years.


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relievers, volunteers and student teachers

In addition to our regular team, we also have regular relieving teachers and volunteers that form part of our Footsteps whanau. While not in the centre on a daily basis, they are still an important part of our team and bring a variety of skills, passions, cultures and interests that enrich our centre life and the childrens' learning.

As a Centre we are committed to assisting and supporting students (teachers in training) to gain experience as they work towards their qualifications. Students are a valued part of the teaching team, providing ideas, support for the teachers and interacting and engaging with the children. In addition to the students undertaking their required hours at our centre we also will host students for their practicum teaching assignments throughout the year. One of our trained teachers, along with their training institution tutor, will oversee their training.


Amelia Birch