(age 2 yrs - 3 yrs 8 mths approx)

The Pond

Our Preschool environment is set up to help children transition smoothly from their familiar home environment. Children are given lots of one-on-one time, cuddles or reassurance and are supported and encouraged to actively explore their new learning environment. The class is specifically divided into interest areas that facilitate small group social interactions, feelings of security and belonging and allow our children to grow in confidence as they explore. Play activities provide a wide range of sensory and perceptual experiences fostering their development of the Foundational Skills necessary for their ongoing learning.

Pond Teachers


Chantel Goosen

The early childhood classroom should be flexible and stimulating.


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Corrina Manderson

I have a big family of 8 grown-up children and 9 beautiful grandchildren.

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Lorena Segundo Lewis

I am passionate about providing quality care for children.


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relievers, volunteers and student teachers

In addition to our regular team, we also have regular relieving teachers and volunteers that form part of our Footsteps whanau. While not in the centre on a daily basis, they are still an important part of our team and bring a variety of skills, passions, cultures and interests that enrich our centre life and the childrens' learning.

As a Centre we are committed to assisting and supporting students (teachers in training) to gain experience as they work towards their qualifications. Students are a valued part of the teaching team, providing ideas, support for the teachers and interacting and engaging with the children. In addition to the students undertaking their required hours at our centre we also will host students for their practicum teaching assignments throughout the year. One of our trained teachers, along with their training institution tutor, will oversee their training.


Amelia Birch