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As the first educators under God, parents have the responsibility to bring up their children in the nuture and discipline guided by biblical principles. We recognise this through keeping regular contact with children's homes, encouraging parent-teacher interactions and through involvement of parents in the pre-school. Hear from our parents below:

"We have 7 children who have attended Footsteps.  Footsteps provided a nurturing and loving environment for our children and the staff are wonderful.  They genuinely care about each child and cater to individual needs.  Footsteps is one of those preschools you can drop your children off to in the morning and know that they will be happy, loved and cared for as if they were home."

"Quality care and education. The special character and values are supported well. The center is family and community oriented, and Staff [are] warm, responsive and professional.


"Christian values with a safe structured learning environment."


"Definitely having our children well prepared for Primary School."


"Friendly staff. Great learning environment. Christian values."


"The staff genuinely have a passion for the children and a love for Jesus which they encourage in the children's lives."

"By far the best preschool I have ever seen. The best staff and teachers that care for the children and has their interests at heart. Educationally, I believe the children are much more ready and prepared to move on to primary school after attending Footsteps community preschool Papatoetoe."


"Awesome preschool! Lovely people & teachers."

"Amazing staff, culture and programme for under fives. A safe, positive environment with great pastoral care."

After his son recently started primary school, a proud Dad shared the following in reference to his son’s preparedness for school. “He’s amazing at his reading and all his letters and numbers. It brought a tear to my eye!

"I am very excited about this ECE setting. My daughter shows me every day she is there that we have made a good decision in becoming a part of the Footsteps family through her discussions of her day, her growing vocabulary, learning experiences, friendships she makes, artwork, photos and sheer delight and joy she has in being in Footsteps Preschool. As an early childhood lecturer I wanted a centre that provided high quality education and care with depth in their teaching team. A well organised, prepared and transparent programme with a focus on building trusting relationships with families. I looked extensively in my own area (Wattle Downs) however I chose to travel to achieve my goals for my daughters preschool educational experiences. Thanks Footsteps team."

"The friendliness and Christ-likeness of the team at Footsteps created a great learning and development atmosphere for my child. I was impressed with the dedication and passion of the team."


"A safe, caring and loving environment where the staff genuinely want to ensure your child gets the very best start in life and, more specifically, education (through their great School Readiness programme)."


"The service provides a variety of experiences for the children – trips, 'school readiness' programme, visits. I love the rapport the staff have with parents and children. They are very approachable and friendly and never too busy to discuss things about your child. They encourage and foster home-school relationship, language development and challenging content. I love that the children learn about Jesus. I love that they are taught strategies to cope with changing friendships, conflict etc. There is so much positive reinforcement, creating positive, confident children."


"A caring, safe environment where learning, faith, fun and family all interconnect. Awesome preschool!!!!"

"The entire staff are excellent and passionate about what they do. They have amazing ideas and are constantly seeking concepts to extend the students. Our kids talk about all the things they do at Footsteps constantly; interactions with staff, students and adventures."


"Staff are often available before and after full day sessions for a quick chat but I believe they make themselves available for in-depth discussions if requested. When my child has achieved a great result with something during the day, staff will make a point of telling me when I arrive at 3pm."


"I would recommend the Centre to my friends. The teaching team is.......Welcoming, supportive, friendly, honest, attentive and there everyday not because its their job, but because of the children and their community. Keri is an absolute asset to the team, responsive, possesses key communication skills and welcoming. Keryn is key to the running of Footsteps and provides valuable leadership. Amanda is a stronghold of Footsteps and in a key position at Footsteps to step children through to the Beehive. Amelia is going to be a star!"


"Staff are very friendly and they all appear to know everyone’s names which makes us feel that we are important to them and not just another family on their roll. The staff are passionate about the children and about giving them a good step-up to school and life generally."


"Like one big happy foot step family!! Love how all the staff and parents get along so well. "


"I love the staff – they are friendly, helpful and my girl loves them too which is important. I love the programmes/activities – not only within the centre but also trips and other extra curriculum things such as swimming and soccer."


"Keep up the good work!!! I cannot stress enough how good Footsteps are. I am sooooo thrilled my child was able to attend Footsteps. The staff are awesome, the facility is clean, it's lively, full of colour with positive vibrant energy. You have fun & useful programmes, extra curricular activities. Your newsletters & invoices can be emailed...I've even obtained some teaching tips to do at home with my son after meeting with the Lead Teacher. My son is learning and his parents are very happy with his progress and happy that Footsteps exist (the staff makes it happen of course!)  Thank you for everything."

"My son loves Footsteps. He has a passion for learning and is always talking about what he has learnt. He is always happy. I know with confidence that he will be well prepared to start primary school this year, he has been taught the skills necessary. His pre-school teachers know him well. He displays self-confidence, an ability to make friends, is sociable and well-behaved, has participated in a variety of extra-curricular activities, loves to draw, read, write and play."

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