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early childhood philosophy

We believe the Bible guides us in the best way to live. Because of this, we strongly integrate Biblical values, stories and experiences into the Te Whāriki early childhood curriculum.  As part of their daily programme your child will be encouraged to explore Bible stories and values, experience prayer and connection with Jesus, sing, dance and praise through participation in Christian songs rhythm and drama. They will be encouraged to show love and concern for others through their behavior and interactions. It is an honour to be co-workers with you in the education and care of your child.

our vision

To provide a nurturing environment where children and families are given opportunities to foster a friendship with Jesus through quality learning experiences, play, exploration and responsive reciprocal relationships.

our mission: connecting children to jesus

Our preschool is unique because God’s love is our motivation. We want your child to experience the unconditional love of Jesus and believe that they are valuable. In our preschool we appreciate the uniqueness of others, because all are precious to God. We value the importance of the family connection and consider it a privilege to share your child's journey.

Starting the journey in a forever friendship with Jesus


our values

As a Christian early childhood centre we will explore a rich range of values with your children as they experience life and interact with each other in the course of their day. In particular, there are a number of values which we desire to be characterised by as we operate as Christian professionals. We wish to be defined by these values and held accountable for their intentional implementation in our practice.

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